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About Me

I am an Indigenous Visual Artist, sculptor, mural painter and facilitator of art and nature. I have walked the way of the natural world all my life, running barefoot with the wind throught our one hundred and fifty hector farm gathering rocks, feathers and wood that spoke to me along the way. I have always created with the vision, tools, and materials of the earth, nature is my inspiration...

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My Work

I create fine art, acrylics on canvas, sculpture, murals and Indigenous crafts. I create nature based murals and art projects to assist in the re-connection to the natural world, by instilling the visual calming properties of nature, art and imagination. Creating a sense of peace, harmony and tranquility through the simple elements of nature and the natural world.


My Workshops

The workshops that I facilitate have been developed to stir and enhance creativity and imagination through guided story telling and music. I work in groups with kids and adults. Note that for mural painting, green spaces and adobe structures I can do as a singular hired contract.


Reconnecting to the natural world for peace, tranquility and healing through the simple elements of nature, art, and imagination.

-Gloria Hope

Creating an organic element through an indoor forest mural or outdoor green space will help in reconnecting children back to the natural world. This is crucial in understanding and developing a sense of value and responsibility for our planet and environment. This will instill a sense of peace, tranquility and healing within your surroundings and balance within the mind and soul.